Ijaz Aslam

IIM Ahmedabad

"I was a regular at the Dreamz quizzes when I was in Calicut. The quizzes were top notch in terms of quality and entertainment value. I would say Dreamz has a special place in Calicut's rich quizzing history, given its efforts for popularizing the quizzing culture in the state and making it more njoyable for the common man."

Prasanth N. IAS

Managing Director, Kerala Tourism Development Corporation

"The number of participants and audience for Dreamz Quizzes underscore their sincere effort and pain taken in making it a lively as well as informative programme. The care taken to ensure the relevance, depth as well as the breadth of the topics mentioned is very much evident. By converting quizzing into a beautiful mind game to attract & retain the crowd, Dreamz team is rejuvenating Kerala Quizzing."

Anish Rajan

IAS Probationer,

"Dreamz has given the art and sport of quizzing a whole new dimension. It has stood for popularizing quiz without compromising on the quality of quizzes done. I believe Snehaj and team had taken this conscious decision to stand themselves apart from the rest. The opportunities that Dreamz had provided to school children and other newcomers is worthy of praise. The passion the whole team of Dreamz carries with themselves can be contagious. This website could just be one other avenue for that. Best!"