For Corporate & other Companies:

    • Q – Positive:
      Focusing on the multidimensional skill set required by employees to ace in the corporate world, Dreamz, through its decades of experience and research in this field, has launched a training program titled  ‘Q – Positive’. This first-of-its kind quiz based training package serves as an efficient employee training tool in an engaging and entertaining manner. The training program run by our panel of experts, who have more than 20 years of experience in professional quizzing, mainly focuses on the following aspects.

      1. Test how far the employees know their company, products and brands. It does not stop there; instead it motivates them to bridge the gap in their knowledge.
      2. Test how far the employees know the regional, national, and international happenings in their industry.
      3. Test how far the employees know the competitors and their brands.
      4. Test and enhances the business and general awareness of the employees along with their product knowledge.
      5. Test and enhance the analytical skills, observation, logical reasoning and lateral thinking of the employees, and effectively leverages the improved skills in sales performance.
      6. Help the HR department to recruit the ideal candidates and to recognize and reward the knowledgeable employees. This motivates them to periodically update their knowledge and upgrade their skills through this game.
      7. Effectively channelize the upgraded knowledge and sharpened skills of the employees for better sales and marketing performance

    • State level/National level Quiz Projects as a part of promotion of brands & products as well as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs.