For Schools & Colleges:

    • Our Flagship program is called Making of Quizzers, through which we help the students to convert themselves into quizzers, which is the first step for those who target the GK part of various scholarship examinations, Talent Search examinations & various competitive examinations up to the Indian Civil Services Examination.Making of Quizzers is followed by the basic level Quiz Workshop titled ‘Break the Shell’ & advanced level workshop titled ‘Quiz Chemistry’.
    • Design, Plan, Coordinate & Conduct inter school Quiz Competition as a part of promotional activities.
    • Conduct Inter Collegiate/School Quizzes including Business Quizzes, Technical Quizzes, Medical Quizzes etc.. as a part of various events & observances.
    • Conduct General Quizzes of State level as well as National level as a part of annual events of the college/school.
    • General Awareness workshops for students, teachers & other staffs.
    • Launch & coordinate professional quiz clubs in the schools and colleges to improvise the academic quality & General awareness of the students.

For Visual & Print media:

    • Quiz shows, Quiz/GK based articles, columns to retain the readers/audience.

For Corporate & other Companies:

    • State level/National level Quiz Projects as a part of promotion of brands & products as well as a part of Corporate Social Responsibility Programs.
    • Entertaining as well as informative training sessions for Employees and Clients titled Global Awareness Enhancement program (GAEP).
    • Industry Related Global Awareness Program (IRGAP) for the staffs & Management.

For Government Departments ,NGOs & Other Organizations:

Customized Quizzes under respective topics for the promotion of a particular project or message among the target groups as well as a part of different awareness programs & campaigns.

Quizzes as a part of observance of various days & celebrations.

In house training programs & workshops for various departments & Intra institutional quizzes on respective topics.