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About Quiz Kerala Society

Quiz Kerala Society is a team of zestful quizzers hailing from Kerala with their wings spread all over the world. Quiz Kerala is the first and the only professional quiz management team in Kerala operating as a quiz society with a registered office in Calicut. The concept had its beginnings in 2000, when a group of young students set out with the aim of promoting quizzing at the grassroots levels.

They were in search of a dream, an identity, the establishment of a brand in the Kerala Infotainment industry. The group which began with 4 members in 2000 is a truly global enterprise today. With its headquarters in Singapore and associates & research contributors from places across the globe like Portland(USA), Manchester, Milan, Singapore, Dubai, Tokyo,Dubai,Oman,Kuwait Delhi,Kanpur,Lucknow, Bengaluru,Cochin and Calicut. The group features members from all walks of life, be it Engineering, Architecture, Medicine, Business and even the Armed Forces of the Nation. Pioneering social workers like Dr Ramakrishnan Palat, scientists like Dr TP Sasikumar of the ISRO, renowned civil servants etc add a total different dimension to this group as the research team & quiz masters. Not to forget the scores of students across the schools and colleges in Kerala who form the backbone of the group. Be it old or young, the aim of every member of this group is the same – to seek and spread knowledge and catapult Kerala as the Knowledge Capital of the world. The team has conducted over 600 quizzes across the state and abroad and is going strong.

The impact of Quizzing has reached enormous proportions. Corporates are making the most of this thrilling infotainment game by using it as a tool to promote their brands. It has become a marketing vehicle which rewards the knowledgeable, simultaneously adding reputation to the supporting brands. Apart from organizing & conducting quiz shows for Corporates, Educational Institutions and Government Organizations,we are also into…

    • Organizing quizzing workshops/training for schools & colleges.
    • Contributing to quiz books.
    • Contributing regular quiz columns in newspapers and other print media.
    • Content creation for media houses.

Apart from the regular quiz shows,we also organize the annual Quiz Fest titled Reverberate which includes quizzes for all sections(school, college, open).It has become the biggest quizzing festival in the country on the quizzing calender, with 6 days of non stop quizzing, done by the doyens of Kerala quizzing. Besides this we have a strong web presence with our blog www.club.quizkerala.com, where you can taste a daily dose of trivia by the ace quizzer Major.(Dr).Chandrakant Nair where we do online quizzes. Thanks to all the Quiz enthus, the blog ranks highly among the active quiz blogs, recording a massive hit rate on a regular basis. The journey continues..

Include more than 60 members who are passionate in quizzing & also lead the promotion of quizzing culture across the state. Those who are part of our research team & also feature as Quiz Masters in our shows include senior IAS officers, scientists, doctors, professors & businessmen.We are the ONLY representatives of International Quizzing Association, London (IQA) in Kerala & we organize the World Quizzing Championship every year in Kerala representing IQA. We are also the FIRST QUIZ SOCIETY IN INDIA affiliated to Quiz Society of India (QSI).



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